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The Cranesmart Concept
Any combination of Load, Angle, Anti-2-Block (A2B), Wind Speed or full Load Moment Indicator (LMI), all into one digital indicator, all wireless. The Cranesmart System has no exposed wires or connectors to break or corrode. It is built with no moving parts, eliminating the hassle and expense of maintenance and downtime. Models with Class 1, Division 1, 2 (zone 1, 2) approvals make it simple to outfit cranes in hazardous areas. Manufactured with corrosion proof materials, these devices are proven in marine environments.

Compared to old hard-wired equipment, Cranesmart radio systems are affordable, built rugged to last and provide maintenance free operation. All systems are backed with a two-year warranty; and an additional five-year warranty is available to purchase as a option. Crane operators can install and become competent in using Cranesmart systems in one hour or less.

Offshore Oilfield

Vessel Mounted

Custom Applications


General Construction

Why Wireless?
The expense and ongoing maintenance of complex hard-wired load and LMI (Load Moment Indicator) systems often discourage crane owners from repairing, upgrading and purchasing electronic safeguards entirely. Cranesmart’s advanced technology provides a practical wireless alternative, which allows for greater accessibility to safety equipment.

Regardless of the type of electrical system, lifting capacity or installation requirements, Cranesmart has the right solution for your crane safety needs. Whether you are retrofitting an older crane or your entire fleet, Cranesmart Systems has the experience and expertise necessary. In most cases your Cranesmart product purchase will ship in a day, you can install in an hour.

Cranesmart products are accepted and trusted throughout the crane industry. Over 40,000 systems in service.
It is Cranesmart’s collective goal to provide the best service in the industry. Cranesmart quality wireless crane safety products have been protecting equipment and people for over ten years. The Cranesmart Engineering Department endeavor to make the crane industry safer and more efficient.

Value is built into every Cranesmart product that leaves the manufacturing facility. Consistently improving the products without passing the expense on to the customers is important to Cranesmart. The materials used in the manufacturing of the products are rigorously tested.

Integrity is essential when choosing a company to supply your crane safety equipment. Cranesmart provides industry proven products. Cranesmart systems have approvals from over thirty legislative bodies. Any service calls will be looked after immediately and courteously, usually with a single phone call. Cranesmart after sale service and support includes the industries’ only loaner/exchange program.

  • Order what you need, expand the system later

  • Accurate to +/- 1% of load

  • Order in a day, install in an hour

  • No cable reels, no hard wires, no hassles

  • Two-year factory warranty standard with each system

  • Five-year service warranty available as a option

  • Monitor the load or provide anti-2-block warning on one, two or three winch lines

  • Industry proven: over 40,000 systems in service

  • Intrinsically Safe option with CSA approval for Class 1 Division 1, 2 use in such areas as offshore drilling, gas plants, refineries, fuel terminals, chemical plants and other hazardous areas

Digital Readout

  • Main display, receiver, and control module for the system
  • Clearly displays crane information for the operator
  • Simple to read, easy to use for any operator
  • Allows for easy transducer spares and swapping
  • USB port for alarm logging and programming upgrades
  • Function kickouts available
  • Output to existing function kickouts, computer or PLC

Boom Angle Transducer

Windspeed Transducer

40,000 lb capacity loadcell single line pull on headache ball.

EASILY INSTALLED: Cranesmart can outfit any crane of any capacity. The system requires no hard wiring on the boom and there are no cable reels. The load cells are pinned to the headache ball, dead end or the block. Time to install averages one hour. This system is also effective as a stand-by system should your present hard wire load or LMI system fail.

EASILY CALIBRATED: The system ships calibrated and is the only load system in the world that is self calibrating. This practical system adjusts for multiple parts-of-line when you change rigging or cranes. No need for re-calibration or manual multiplication of indicated weights. These unique features, in addition to quick installation, add value through portability.

OPERATOR FRIENDLY: Crane operators enjoy this maintenance-free system, which is simple to understand and operate. Owners appreciate protecting their equipment while satisfying safety regulations. An easy-to-read digital display continually indicates information to the operator. Simple buttons on the panel allow the operator to set high/low alarm presets. When these presets are exceeded an audible and visual alarm alerts the crane operator.  Shut off outputs are standard.

ACCURACY COUNTS: Pinning the load cells directly in-line with the crane’s cable is the most accurate and reliable method of measuring the load on the hook. Cranesmart angle indicators have no moving parts as well.  Load cells remain accurate to +/-1% while angle indication will stay accurate to half a degree for years.

SELF CHECKING IN DESIGN: Advanced “handshake” technology provides warning lights that alert the operator of system malfunctions. Low battery indicator light provides three weeks notice that a replacement battery is needed.

BUILT RUGGED & WATERTIGHT: The crane industries’ only real marine option; the design of our marine system is proven in salt-water environments. Components are built rugged and environmentally sealed. This ensures reliable operation through weather and usage extremes. Operating temperature: -40 to 122 F / -40 to 50 C. Five-year battery life is standard. The Cranesmart System meets or exceeds all requirements set forth by pertinent safety authorities. Cranesmart continues to build its reputation with systems that work in the toughest crane environments.

COST EFFECTIVE: Cranesmart designs, engineers, builds, tests and services all of the Cranesmart products. This ensures quality while saving time and money. Simple design adds to cost effectiveness. We pass these savings directly to you, our customer.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE: Cranesmart Systems manufactures intrinsically safe and Class 1, Division 2 components for operation in dangerous areas. These safety instruments are suitable for use in such classified areas requiring explosion proof electronics. NEMA explosion proof containers, complete with external audible and visual alarms, are available to house the display panels.

CRANESMART FIVE STAR SERVICE: Experience a new industry standard in product service and support. Most service issues can be handled with a single phone call and resolved within 24-48 hours if replacement or exchange components are required.   Loaner/exchange systems are available during repair.

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